Here we go yo

Whattp everybody! so happy to be kickin it off with a fresh new web-site...My other one was cool, but was like "yo im like a super cool DJ and stuff". This site is hopefully more representative of my true personality and will allow me to bug out like we like to do:)

So the reason for all the change is that Im finally getting my you-know-what together in terms of actually releasing my tunes into the world as opposed to just making them and thinking about stuff. So yeah in the next couple of months we (Party Time Society) will be putting out a bunch of great music from around the bass spectrum in addition to some freaky new -ish from the house of Fell. Hopefully the masses will catch wind of it and start to book me for all types of ill gigs. Something like that? 

Many thanks for checking out the new site...hit me up on ur favorite social and say whattup!!