The Greates Gig I Ever Turned Down

On five separate occasions I've been sent to various points of the European continent to fulfill the duties of "Celebrity Guest DJ" for the launch of the worlds largest cruise ship (literally). These humbling experiences are some of the best of my life. I have met so many amazing people (including my lovely wife), Had epic adventures in random cities, Played to crowds of thousands, and enjoyed countless open bars courtesy of Royal Caribbean. A few days ago they called me to fly out to England and launch their newest big bad creation known as the Quantam of the Seas.

I turned it down.

After a weekend of waffling that took the form of mild depression, I looked hard at where I wanted to be and decided stay home and keep the momentum going for my original music and Party Time Society. This may sound crazy to a lot of people (including myself) but it just felt right.

Perhaps the universe took notice because after years of working tirelessly in the studio, getting dissed by labels, flaked on by promoters, ignored by blogs and otherwise discouraged to pursue my true passion, I'm extremely honored and humbled to announce that I've received my first Beatport Exclusive!! The new album "Jack Moves" has apparently peaked the interest of the powers that be and they saw fit to throw the kid a bone.


If you have a minute and some good subs I suggest that you use that situation to check it out! It's got a hip-hop vibe while still keeping an affinity toward large drops and electro bass. Also included is the sexy moombahton remix by Latino Resiste label founder El Caballo and a grimy breakbeat ditty that has no shortage of energy called "The Aristocrats".

Full versions:

Just wanna say biggups and thank-you to all who support artistic ventures. It may look cool and easy but that's mainly because we market ourselves that way! It's risky, full of sharks, and the buisiness side can be about as honest pinochhio giving a motivational speech. So If you'd like to show some love on the financial side (we all know there are ways to get it for free) that would be awesome! it's a bit pricey on Beatport but consider it a donation to the arts and helping you're old buddy Jess climb the charts ;) Even if you don't cop it any sharing via social media is GREATLY appreciated.

Much love!!